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blockqoute My name is Reyaansh Agrawal

Reyaansh picture in lalbagh

I learn hindustani classical Music.

My mam's name>My music mam's name is Aindrila Chatterjee

Mam's pic in bangalore Chinnaswamy stadium

She taught me a lot of raags


My mam taught me five raagas. They are I learnt the following songs for each raaga
  1. Prathama namana
  2. Jai durge
  3. Namana karoon
  4. Mukuta par
  5. Bana bana


S:No Instrument Name I Can Play
1 Tabla Yes
2 Keyboard Yes

My favorite video now is:

I use below instruments for my singing.

There is 1 typeare many types of music